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Sensational News On YS Jagan| Will Change The Face OF Andhra Pradesh Politics | Take One Media | TDP

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YSRCP May Merge Into BJP| PM Modi| Amit Shah| Vijaya Sai Reddy| TDP | National Media Report| Channel

Hi.. Welcome To Take One Media Youtube Official Channel. This channel will Concentrates on Telugu States, Telugu Politics, Andhra Pradehs, Telangana, Latest News, Current Affairs, Tollywood, Telugu Cinema News And Other Major Developments

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  • Jagannatharao Added It is proved that you are a psychopathy and boot legger of CBN who does not believe in normal and usual behaviour of a human being. You are a cat who would like to believe drinking milk by closing eyes as you do not try to remember the four years of time when your so called boss had a continuous relations for four years and suddenly took U turn to become hero. Do you believe that the thousand and lakshs of people who have attending the meetings of YS Jagan are fools and they are also deaf and dumb.

    You fool; go through the following and shut your ugly mouth which has been spreading unbearable smell.
    Truly speaking- No Voter cares for the promises made by any other politician than CBN as it is he who has been talking and beating around the bush of manifesto and it is he who has been winning or losing elections for TDP with such manifestos and it was YSR who won elections twice to the congress party and it would be YS Jagan who would win or lose elections for YSRCP by forcing the people to depend upon the spur of the situation and surely not the manifestos and even neither the propaganda or abuses and the counter abuses.

    It is a single day that decides the fate of any winning or losing party in elections and it is not manifestos but it is the coward and corrupt people who have cultivated the habit of selling votes for wine and mutton and the beliefs and inhibitions in the so called leaders of few parties, especially belonging to two or three families in Andhra Pradesh, the NTR Family, the YSR Family, the Chiranjeevi Family and surely not any other groups or parties that have been deciding the fate of the state and the voters at large.

    We can evenly understand the reason that when we could defeat people like J.P., Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, etc., we have no right to comment against our rulers, leaders whom we have forced to lie, make false, unbelievable, non practicable and impossible vote catching promises.

    We should feel sorry for ourselves as it is we (ourselves) that are making the egg into a chicken and a chicken into a fry and a fry into the stomach.

    First we must change and retaliate when our so called leaders make several impossible promises and we should first learn to respect our parents, then our teachers, then neighbors and then only our leaders but this last in the list are becoming our regular aims and aspirations to talk about and we are becoming flies in the flume oozed from the nostrils of our leaders and we should first learn to get rid of such waste and ridiculous onslaughts from our own created leaders.

    Else we would be in greater jeopardy and always we lose irrespective of the fact that the politicians always win at our foolish nature.