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Queendija watches Pretty Cure All Stars DX3 & HeartCatch PreCure The Movie

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First Movie: Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3 : Deliver the Future! The Rainbow~Colored Flower That Connects the World!

Pretty Cure The Movie All Stars DX 3: Deliver the Future! The Rainbow ☆ Flower That Connects the World!
プリキュアオールスターズDX3 未来にとどけ!世界をつなぐ☆虹色の花
Purikyua Ōru Sutāzu DX 3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai wo Tsunagu Niji~Iro no Hana!
Original Release
March 19, 2011
Otsuka Takashi
Matsumoto Rie
Otsuka Takashi
Murayama Isao
Aoyama Mitsuru
Aoyama Mitsuru
Art Director
Kuginuki Aya

Second Movie: HeartCatch PreCure The Movie: Fashion Show in the Flower Capital... Really?!

Directed by Rie Matsumoto
Studio Toei Animation

00.00 Heartbeat,Heartbreak (p4d)
03:45 Deep Breath Deep Breath
08:11 Signs of love
11:02 Memories of You
16:23 Heaven
19:07 Heartful Cry
22:51 Last Suprise
26:36 Your Affection
30:36 Never more
36:56 Snowflake
41:09 Wiping All Out
43:41 Blues in Velvet Room
46:43 Burn my dread
48:12 Blind Alley
50:39 Way of life
52:53 Life will change
55:19 Pursuing my true self
56:40 Beneath the mask
01:01:06 Dance!
01:04:30 Specialist
1:06:35 Have a short rest
1:08:38 Shadow world
1:13:07 Want to be close
1:17:45 Traumerei
1:19:52 Changing Seasons
1:22:49 Wake up, Get up, Get out there
1:25:33 When the Moon Reaches for the Stars
1:27:53 Like a dream come true
1:30:19 Mayas theme
1:33:06 Our Begining
1:35:03 Living with determination
1:38:01 Butterfly Kiss
1:40:18 Time
1:42:46 Smile
1:45:58 Joy
1:48:35 Tender Feeling
1:50:31 Break it down
1:52:08 Sunset bridge
1:53:46 New Days
1:55:08 Step
1:56:45 Memories of school
1:58:28 Confession / Secret
2:00:50 Memory
2:03:58 The days when my mother was there
2:07:48 Mistic
2:09:20 Layer Cake
2:11:42 Fes - Opening
2:13:11 Tokyo Daylight
2:15:08 Sky Full of Stars
2:17:50 Period
2:18:54 My homie
2:20:57 Seal
2:22:52 Sweet

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